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Skull wine glass double transparent glass

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  • Heat Resistant Glass - Double Borosilicate Glass. Make Drinking More Elegant and Creative
  • High Borosilicate Glass with The High Quality, Not Easy to Be Broken, Safe and Non-toxic.
  • Can Be Given As the Gift to Friends and Family, Make Them Fall in Love with Drinking with Such Beautiful Glasses.

  • Inside Skull Design Make The Cup More Creative
  • Personality Skull Model Design

  • Round Cup Mouth Make It Easy to Drink
  • More Elegant for Ladies, Not Easy to Keep Red Lipstick

Crystal Skull Cup

Insulated Design

Insulated Design for Perfect Drinking Temperature: The sleek, sophisticated double layered glass insulates your drink keeping it hot or cold longer while the outside stays comfortable to your touch.

Handmade Double

Walled Glassware, these double-walled, insulated beer and tea cups are perfect for whiskey, cocktails, beer, tea or juice.

  • Size:150/250 ML
  • Weight:0.46 LB
  • Item Dimensions:3.30*3.90*3.30 IN
  • Material Type:High Borosilicate Glass